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Personal branding matters to your life and your business more than you think. It is the most effective way to build your trust and credibility. A solid personal brand enhances your chance of employment and opens up new career opportunities for a professional.  

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Key Features

idhubs is a reliable partner for all your personal branding needs, helping you effectively connect with students, professionals and influencers.

Personal Branding

Build your personal website with beautiful design layouts using a unique URL. Share your talents, skills and abilities with the world.

Interactive Resume

You can have different versions of your resumes ready at all times, and even lock them with a password.

Skills Highlights

Boost your professional goals by blogging and sharing your knowledge and experience.

Display Other Social Media

Bring all of your social media accounts into one place to conveniently read, post and stay in tune with all of your followers.

Seamless Checkout

Our plug-and-play solution enables you to bill customers seamlessly, with no coding required.

Appointment Scheduling

Save time and effectively manage your calendar for greater productivity and better organization. 

Post a job and find the professional that is right for you


Connect with other professionals or 

Find someone you already know!

Where your professional advancement begins

A solid personal brand enhances your chance of employment and opens up new career opportunities. 

Build your personal website

A personal website is your hub on the internet and imperative if you want to build up your brand. Your unique URL is the ultimate source of all information about you. 

idhubs provides you with all you need to set up your website with no technical skills required. 

It can be customized to serve your specific needs and purpose with a custom domain and unique ID.

Your website is powered by idhubs' advanced technology with dynamic and interactive capabilities which offers enhanced multi-media content and web applications. It also allows you to integrate all of your social media accounts and online activities in one place.


Interactive Resume

idhubs interactive resume feature keeps you ahead of the competition during the recruitment process and increases your chances of getting the job. It allows you to place your resume in front of numerous employers with one click. HR professionals will appreciate idhubs eye-catching designs, clickable buttons, hyperlinks, separate sections, mouse hover actions and the capability of adding a cover letter. An interactive resume also allows placement of a QR code for providing pictures of completed projects, images or other accomplishments. The Applicant Tracking System (ATS) makes your interactive resume easy to read.

Managing Your Personal Diary Effortlessly

idhubs built-in personal appointment scheduling solution allows you to effectively manage your diary and save time. With idhubs, you always stay on top of your schedules anywhere, anytime, and effortlessly.


Elevate Your Personal Brand with idhubs

Building a strong personal brand comes down to three key elements: identity, visibility and credibility. The idhubs platform is designed to streamline this entire process for you. Powered by cutting-edge Web3.0, blockchain and AI technologies, idhubs transforms personal branding into a seamless digital experience. Establishing your unique digital presence through content and social media helps build your identity. Making sure your brand is seen across your website, search results, social networks and more increases your visibility. And collecting feedback, as well as managing your online engagement, protects and enhances your credibility. No technical skills required - just let idhubs handle the complexities while you focus on connecting with your audience and growing your personal brand. Get started today and take your visibility, identity and credibility to new heights.

Do Students Need a Personal Brand? This is a Question to Many, if not to Most of Them. There are Often Misconceptions Around Students’ Personal Branding.

Misconception No. 1:

It is Too Early for Student to Build a Personal Brand.

Studies show that 35% of admission officers turn to an applicant’s online presence when they apply to college.

Misconception No. 2:

It is Alright to Start Building a Personal Brand After Graduation.

This is not true. A candidate’s personal brand influences 85% of hiring managers. Lack of a digital presence can have a negative effect. 

Misconception No. 3:

I Often Post Images on Facebook or Instagram and will Eventually Build Up My Personal Brand.

Intentional brand building and unintentional brand building can lead to different outcomes.


Three Things Prove to Be Essential for Personal Branding

Be Authentic

Students need a well-crafted and authentic personal statement to position themselves and reflect who they are and what they believe in.

Be Creative

Educational Institute Admission officers and future employers look for creativity. One way to be creative is in your content and another is by creatively communicating your message to a target audience.

Be Consistent

You should be very clear about who you are talking to and set a proper tone when delivering your message. Your style should be aligned with your target audience for it to be well received. When sharing someone else’s content, make sure they are accurate and ethical.

Influencers are increasingly becoming influential in digital marketing. To become an influencer, you must start with personal branding. Without a solid personal brand, influencing your followers will be limited.

As an influencer or public figure in this digital age, it is imperative to have a well-designed and developed digital presence. A few essential qualities that will contribute to an influencer's growth and business performance are the power of their website, the size and quality of their community, long-term brand value, and a community-focused marketplace. idhubs is your ideal solution.

Create your Database-Driven Full-Scale Website and App

idhubs gives you all you need to set up your database-driven website and app with no IT skills required. It can be customized to serve your specific needs and purpose with a custom domain and a unique ID. Your website is entirely dynamic and interactive, with enhanced capabilities in creating multi-media content and web applications. It is also your social media platform that allows integration of all of your social media accounts and online activities in one place. idhubs is all you need to manage your online presence.


Built your Trusted Impactful Brand and Your Global Community

idhubs technology leverages Web3.0, blockchain and AI to revolutionize brand-building, offering a seamless digital journey. By growing your digital identity and credibility across various touchpoints like websites, social media and reviews, idhubs amplifies your visibility. Our effective multi-factor authentication ensures a trustworthy community of digitally verified members, empowering you to categorize and successfully manage membership access.

Tailored E-Commerce for Your Community's Needs

Our advanced e-commerce platform empowers communities to thrive with a focus on inclusivity and connectivity. Members can effortlessly launch their own storefronts, showcasing products and services across our expansive network. With robust mobile and social commerce tools, you can manage your online business from anywhere, ensuring a seamless experience for buyers and sellers alike.